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King Robert in his temporary headquaters.

"All my life, I have done my duty. When love came my way, I chose duty. When truth came my way, I chose duty. When life itself gave me the greatest chance of all, I took the path of duty instead. All my life, I have chosen duty. And now, as I sit in this chair of Romar Kings, I can't escape the feeling that perhaps, in the need to furfill my duty, I have lost everything else that mattered to me.."


Robert Baratheon was born during the spring time in Romar, in the beginning days of Aeloth's reign. Just a few years older then Keyal, the two were quite often found together as children, as Aeloth and Stephan were also quite close. Nearing teenagehood, the boys separated, as Stephan moved back to Stormsend. Robert found his first love there, in no other then Reyvia, later to be revealed as Keyal's own sister. The relationship had fallen short soon enough, as Robert decided that life was a distraction, and he needed to gain strenght, and leadership skills to inherit the title of Lord. He stayed in Stormsend, seeing the death of his father, and claiming his place.

War of Three Kings

As the death of Keyal Romar swept the Kingdom by storm, Robert quickly moved to stop the Kingdom being torn apart. He claimed the title of King of Romar, and proceeded to conquer rebelling Romarian lands. People close to Robert noticed the change. He had become merciless, and cared only for duty and victory. Also noticable was the so called 'Blood Craze' which overtook Robert in battle. He would become someone else, a force to be feared indeed. As the war progressed, he overtook the capitol of Romar, and claimed his right there. As he executed a traitor, a mysterious blood elf appeared, and appeared to talk to Robert about his craze. It was never confirmed who the blood elf female was, but whispers say that it was Reyvia, Robert's old love, who had saved him from the craze of war.

Modern Day

Now, Robert lies with a crown on his head, and hoping that war ends soon. During his reign, Aeloth Romar was slain once again by his men, but Robert still has the dangers of Letum Neco, and the rebel king Tywin Lannister to deal with.