The family of Llewelyn:

Once a family in Quel'Thalas, they thrived well within the prospering city. When the scourge came, the family was whiped out, except for three. Solaen, Keledis, and Sathein, the three remaining beings of Llewelyn left Quel'Thalas before the siege and set out on their own. They later reunited at the kingdom known as Romar through strange coincidence. Although they all live in the same kingdom, rarely are they seen around the same time as eachother.


The eldest brother of the three. The last to find Romar and yet maybe the most important to the kingdom. He is known as the Keeper of the Ashlands. Seldom is he seen other than around Letharas or the entities of the family Romar such as Aeloth or Keyal. He is a mystery to some people and his mind works in ways the average thinker would.


The middle brother. The very first of Llewelyn to enter Romar and become a denizen. Before Romar, he studied at Dalaran with the Kirin Tor. He became the archmage and second hand to the Soulseeker who later disappeared. Over the years Sathein aided Romar in countless battles, he is rarely seen, if ever, outside of the mage district. Sometimes even the magi do not seen him. He tends to keep to himself.


The youngest brother, and second to find Romar. He started out as a hunter when he was only the age of eleven in human years. He later decided at seventeen years of age to turn to the use of the light. He is now at the human age of twenty-one. It seems he is the only one whose true age is known. He fights for his kingdom and the light. A true paladin.