A drawing of what the original Letum Neco may have looked like.

"Misery...Agony...I am the collection of all"

Long ago during the begining of Romar, The old gods of Romar had forged two blades, one of Life and Unity Letum Neco, and one of Harmony and Peace, Sanctus. At the begining they were truely holy blades that had created so much in the Sanctuary, However Letum Neco began to change, something or someone of great power had changed something inside of the once great blade, time passed on and eventually the mortal races had discovered the blades, upon the son of the great king Alister drew Letum Neco from the ground, its unholy corruption spread, its darkness revealed, it took his body for its own and used him as its meister to unleash destruction, It was revealed when the champions of Romar were brought into Letum Neco's memories that Sanctus had imprisoned Letum Neco deep within the confines of the Ashlands. Not much is known in the large time frame between then and Aeloths rule, but it is however revealed that Letum Neco's corruption was used to kill King Aeloths wife, and with promises to return her is how the evil scythe corrupted king Aeloth Romar. Now the scythe prys on the minds of those in Romar trying to take over a new meister and once again, truely unleash havoc. However as of recent events it appears that the spark of light that it once held was seperated, as there is now a mortal with the same name and powers.

List of those who had wielded Letum Neco at one point.

Keyal Romar - Asorbed Letum Neco in his time to try and destroy it with his death, This Failed.

Letharas Dragonsoul/Romar - Twice, First time did not fall to the corruption, Second time nearly killed and lost the friendship of Drex and Sabulaine.

Aeloth Romar - Lured in by fake promises, Corrupted, Later saved by the Champions of Romar and set to rest.

Drex - Three times, He has murdered an entire village of Broken, injured a few of his friends, and killed Tylerin while under the influence of the whispers. The only person to gather enough will to discard it while holding it.

Sabulaine - Twice, Neither did she was able to do very much Damage with the blade.