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After Drazlok was born He was given away to two Humans. Drazlok ended up living in the region of Howling Fjord with his two new Adopted Parents. Due to Drazlok living around humans as a child he learned alot of common and with living in Howling Fjord also ended up becoming a hunter. Eventually after Drazlok was old enough he took up his intrest in traveling and he still dose it to this day.

Along the time when Draz took up Traveling he deciede to start in Northrend and make his way around that way. Every know and then Drazlok would be attacked by somthing, Alot of the time that "Somthing" Was Scourge. After an encounter with a group of scourge Drazlok got slashed in the arm and now has a scar running from the top of his wrist to almost his shoulder.

During his travels, Drazlok came across the Kingdom of Romar and decided to join the Kingdom and take a break from traveling for awhile and Spends time with Qiz.

Latest Update:

Drazlok has been traveling more often then usual, Seems like he's trying to look for somthing and he is. Drazlok belives that theres more then just the mapped areas of Azeroth, He thinks that there must be some other unmapped Islands, Or Kingdoms basically anything he can find thats not on a map with interest him greatly.

Drazlok's Hand Drawn Map.

Drazlok Also recently created a home down in Stranglethorn Vale. He decided to make a Home there then Up north where he originaly grew up, Basically he wanted a change in Temperture and such as that.