WoWScrnShot 051111 173205

A very rare picture of Amoravath in Crimson Twilights center hall.

Amoravath "Romar" Is an assassin who does choose to dress all in white as well as talk oddly and act very 'Wierd'. Ten years ago at the time of Keyal Romar's death the council tried to ressurect him to aid in battle against the crusades but it was for naught as they instead created something much more diffrent. In his stead was created a 'Fake Soul' one which carried little to no emotion and worked only for himself. He seems to not care for Mortal life in the slightest not even his own, he has been shown to kill innocent women and even children. He usually tends to avoid combat if it at all possible but this is not meant to be mistaken for weakness. Amoravath has shown on multiple occasions to hold strength of that of a mountain gronn which is nearly un-graspable considering his frame, It is assumed it was a side effect of the creation. Due to the nature of his 'Birth' Amoravath Technically isint alive, He is very hard to kill because of this but he can be injured easily as seen when during the attack on Crimson Twilights headquarters when Drex pounced him and nearly bit his arm off. His currents wearabouts are usually unknown and it is also not known what exactly he is after other then possibly gathering Odium Fragments.