Aeloth Romar was the king of Romar before Keyals time on the throne and was the enemy of Romar for a very long time. In the begining Aeloth was a king and just ruler doing whatever he could for his kingdom to benefit it. He cut down on Tax heavily, Food was bountiful, Poverty was almost non existant and everything was well, Aeloth even was engaged to a very beautiful woman he met in his travels, A female Elf who's name has been left to secrecy for her respect. However a blow was given to Aeloth's heart when his beloved was murdered for seemingly no reason at all. In his mourning he heard the first voice of comfort, a warming relaxing voice ring in his ears, promissing her return if he was able to do the right thing and follow this voice. He did so but soon lost himself to the influence of the voice as it grew more sinister and revealed itself as Letum Neco, Using Aeloth as a tool to destroy Romar from the inside out Letum Neco used Aeloth to Kill innocents, Tax Heavily, Even wage war on his own kingdom with his undead. His brother and sister in law sacrificed themselves to seal Aeloth Romar away in the lower forest, Leaving their only son Keyal the throne since his eldest sister Reyvia ran away upon their death and Jest was to young to lead. Over time Aeloth Romar eventually broke out and atempted to hunt down Romar, for a time he was pushed back with ease but after Keyals Death many years later he grew more forceful, clawing his way into Romar and ultimately taking it over nearly. However This all ended when near the end Letum Neco abandoned him saying he had fulfilled his usefulness, Leaving him battered and broken and slightly free once again he stood as he spoke his story for the first time, and walked forward, ultimately dying in the Ashlands. In the end Aeloth was considered to be a Hero and was decided that his acts as Letum Neco would be forgiven but never forgotten. However due to recent it events it seems Aeloth never had died that day but is still alive but no longer under Neco's Influence, All will be revealed in time it seems.